December 7, 2023


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17 Chocolate Pies So Good, You’ll Need a Second Slice

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When a chocolate craving strikes (it’s inevitable) the options are endless. Beyond chocolate bars, you could dabble in chocolate cakes, chocolate cookies, chocolate brownies, and arguably the most underrated, chocolate pies. Let’s make one.

While typically cakes are tender and cookies crisp, pies give you the best of both words. Whether it’s chocolate coconut or chocolate buttermilk, you can look forward to a crunchy-crumbly crust and custardy-creamy filling, the sort of bite that mandates you go back for more, more, more.

This list shows off chocolate’s many friends in the form of pie, from peanut butter to Greek yogurt to cookie dough. Cookie dough! Here are our 17 favorite chocolate pie recipes.

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