December 7, 2023


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24 Thanksgiving Cookies Just as Festive as Pie

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Whether you lovingly craft your Pumpkin Pie with food editor Shilpa Uskokovic’s Actually Perfect Pie Crust, or you take some help from premade pie pastry, pies are the undisputed star of Thanksgiving dessert.

We are here to dispute that. There’s no denying pies are delicious (dare you to try to turn down a slice of this Hot Buttered Rum Pie). But after you’re full to the brim of stuffing, turkey, and mashed potatoes, sometimes you just want a little something something. Cue your uncle asking you to cut, “just a sliver—no, no, even smaller than that!” Anyone who has ever cut a pie knows this is no simple feat.

That’s why cookies are such a stellar Thanksgiving dessert. Everyone can serve themselves, and you can pack in just as much festive flavor. Think: cinnamon-dusted snickerdoodles, cranberry-speckled wafers, or pumpkin-seed-studded chocolate cookies. Set out a big plate with a pot of coffee or bottle of amaro and call it a night.

This is why Team Cookie reigns supreme. You can pack just as much festive flavor—like these cinnamon-dusted Snickerdoodles, or cranberry-speckled wafers, or pumpkin-seed-studded chocolate cookies—but in a hand-held treat to enjoy with after-dinner coffee or a night cap.

These 24 recipes will convince you. Thanksgiving pie always has a place in our hearts, but these cookies are coming for its crown.

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