December 7, 2023


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36 Diwali Sweets to Light Up Your Holiday Celebrations

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There are so many ways to celebrate Diwali, also called Deepavali or the Festival of Lights. Innumerable traditions and myths surround the holiday, which is recognized across parts of South Asia and the diaspora. Whether you are throwing a holiday bash with diyas and string lights galore, are searching for giftable sweets to share with loved ones, or are looking for a festive treat for just yourself, we’ve got 36 Diwali sweets recipes for whatever you’re craving.

There’s plenty of classic mithai, or South Asian sweets, on this list like gulab jamun, jalebi, and kaju katli. But there are also pistachio thumbprints that can be packed and shared at the office, rose-perfumed shortbread cookies that are begging to be paired with a steaming cup of karak chai, and tres-leches-by-way-of rasmalai cake that makes for a stunning Diwali party showstopper. Take your pick.

Many Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs celebrate Diwali with an entirely vegetarian (and eggless) menu. Some of the recipes on this list include eggs—choose whichever sweet treats are most appropriate for your celebration.

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