December 7, 2023


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37 Christmas Cake Ideas That Shine Brighter Than the Tree

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We’re happy to swap holiday cookies all season long, but come December 24, it’s time for Christmas cake. Because let’s be honest: After an opulent Christmas Eve dinner of slow-roasted beef and potatoes au gratin, a simple plate of shortbread can feel…anticlimactic. But Black Forest Cake with chocolate genoise, cherry preserves, and Swiss meringue buttercream? That’s a celebration showstopper.

But our favorite Christmas cake recipes extend beyond the dessert table. We’ve got laid-back loaf cakes to snack on during your afternoon movie marathon and gingerbread to pair with cocoa on Christmas morning (or those days following when you’re like, “…what are we supposed to do now?”). Whether you want to decorate a bûche de Nöel with meringue mushrooms or use the pumpkin purée leftover from Thanksgiving, we have a Christmas cake idea for you. So roll up your sleeves, put on an apron, and start baking up some holiday cheer.

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