December 7, 2023


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71 Festive Christmas Desserts to Bring Joy to Your Mouth

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It’s time to think about Christmas desserts. The gingerbread house has been decorated and displayed in the front hall and the perfect rib roast has been purchased from the local butcher. Now, let us inspire you with layer cakes, perfectly chewy halva, a showstopper of a banana cream pie with gravity-defying whipped cream peaks, and a handful of our best Christmas cookie recipes.

These holiday treats aren’t just for the big meal, though. This time of year is about gift-giving, so how about some sugar cookies for Santa, chocolate truffles for your loved ones, and peppermint candies for yourself? (They’ll fuel your wrapping and ribbon-tying.)

Whatever your holiday appetite, we’ve got the Christmas desserts to match—and there’s not one dry fruitcake in sight.

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