December 7, 2023


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Corn Muffins With Fresh Corn Recipe

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Back in 2018, former BA food editor Molly Baz sent a reference photo for her corn muffin recipe to her team, as planned—and to all 2,600 employees at Condé Nast. “The crowds went wild,” Molly explains. We get it. These cornbread muffins are packed with sweet, juicy corn kernels. Per Molly, they’re “so delicious, so corny, so hot and steamy, [and] buttery.” Aside from sending a low-res photo to over 2,000 strangers, what’s not to love? 

The muffins get a double hit of corn flavor and texture from a mix of stone-ground cornmeal (white or yellow cornmeal is fine) and fresh corn (you can also use frozen corn; don’t thaw it first). Stone-ground cornmeal retains some of its germ and hull, giving it the muffins a more dynamic texture and robust flavor. A little all-purpose flour, leavener, and a fair amount of melted butter keep the crumb tender.

Seasoned with lots of black pepper, these corn muffins are a perfect side dish for holidays like Thanksgiving or a summer BBQ. For breakfast, slather them with honey butter (blend 2 sticks room temperature butter with honey to taste). You can make the muffins a day in advance, but you will need a lot of willpower.

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