December 7, 2023


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Dinner SOS: I Need to Feed a Party of 15

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On Saturday, October 21, Bon Appétit food director Chris Morocco and food editor Shilpa Uskokovic took to Toronto to cohost a live taping of Dinner SOS alongside food experts Suresh Doss and Eden Grinshpan, answering the audience’s most pressing culinary questions.

Toronto food scene expert Suresh Doss knows the city’s restaurants like nobody else, while Toronto native Eden Grinshpan combines being a cookbook author with hosting Top Chef Canada. They discussed how to host guests at a dinner party (Eden suggests maxing out on snacks and self-serve food and to make sure music is flowing when guests arrive), how to create special vegetable-centric meals (Shilpa says that vegetables deserve the same attention and reverence we give meat and suggests these seared and roasted Cheesy Roasted Cabbage Wedges), and how to achieve the crispiest of tofu (Chris’s tip: You need to coat it in a starch like cornstarch or potato starch and then cook it with plenty of fat).

They also chat about how to get your kids to be less picky eaters. Eden says she always tries to feed her kids what she and her husband are eating and to get them more involved in the kitchen (even if that means a big mess!). Suresh agrees that exposure is key—his three-year-old loves to help make pancakes and dosas and is even learning how to cut produce.

Listen now to join in on the fun and hear tips from the four hosts including how to meal prep and why to invest in food storage containers for a busy airplane pilot on-the-go, how to get your guests involved in cooking at a dinner party (Suresh boldly offers that he asks his friends to shuck oysters, while Shilpa is more cautious and has hers help to toast tortillas), and what to make with extra sourdough starter.

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