December 7, 2023


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Herb and Sausage Stuffing Recipe

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Inspired by our ever-popular (but meat-free) Simple Is Best Stuffing, we crafted our ultimate sausage stuffing recipe for folks who crave a little pork in the Thanksgiving dinner favorite. This savory, custardy version gets its extra-savory oomph from sagy breakfast sausage and a generous amount of fresh garlic.

Start with country-style white bread (sourdough or French bread will also work) and tear it into pieces. Craggy edges, as opposed to the squared-off dice you’ll find in most store-bought stuffing mixes, create a textured surface with ideal crispy peaks and chewy valleys. Breakfast-style pork sausage has the right amount of sweetness and seasoning
to complement the stuffing, but sweet Italian sausage is a worthy swap; if you avoid pork, a dark meat turkey version will work well. We load this classic sausage stuffing with the requisite fresh herbs (sage, thyme, and parsley), but we’ve also added whole fennel seeds for an extra herbal kick.

To cut down on prep time (and cleanup time), you’ll cook the sausage and aromatics in a large pot with plenty of melted butter, then toss the lot with toasted bread cubes in the same pot before transferring it to a casserole dish, no ginormous bowl necessary.

This festive side dish will be right at home next to Ultra-Creamy Mashed Potatoes, crisp roasted veggies, jiggly cranberry sauce, and our favorite roast turkey at your next holiday meal.

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