December 7, 2023


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I Need to Host A Perfect Thanksgiving

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ON THIS WEEK’S episode of Dinner SOS, food director and host Chris Morocco is joined by contributing editor Amiel Stanek to help caller John take his already perfect Thanksgiving to the next level.

John has a lot at stake this Thanksgiving. Last year, his mother-in-law conceded to letting him host the holiday and he hit it out of the park. He made turkey three ways (including a dark meat confit and stuffed breast) and even engraved custom coasters. This year, he wants to cement his role as host by pulling off another flawless holiday meal.

John is inspired by the Bon Appétit video series Making Perfect. Striving for perfection year after year might not sound like much of a Dinner SOS problem, but it is one the BA Test Kitchen knows all too well: how to continue to showcase classic, tried-and-true dishes while also making room for more innovative approaches. Chris turns to Amiel who is known for his adventurous culinary suggestions. But Amiel thinks the best approach for John is to create a focused and intentional menu and coax greatness from time-tested recipes, rather than lean into an experimental and over-the-top menu.

He suggests the Simple Is Best Stuffing, which relies on hand-torn dried-out bread, lots of butter, tons of aromatics, and really good broth (John, of course, already has his prepped and ready in the freezer). Chris offers up the Buttery Milk Buns, a hybrid of Parker House rolls and milk bread, and Expertly Spiced & Glazed Roast Turkey, a show-stopping recipe for roasting a turkey in parts that was actually featured on Making Perfect.

Listen now to see which recipes John chooses to help him win his mother-in-law’s heart—and the right to host next year’s feast.

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