December 7, 2023


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Leftover-Turkey Melts Recipe | Bon Appétit

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Leftover turkey after Thanksgiving? Inevitable. This easy turkey melt recipe? Unstoppable. Maybe you’re thinking, I don’t need a turkey sandwich recipe; I can make one standing in front of the fridge. But you deserve better than some cobbled-together concoction of slippery meat and congealed cranberry sauce, so get ready to level up.

This postholiday turkey sandwich is modeled on a tuna melt. Instead of layering slices, the meat is shredded and tossed with mayo and everything good before the mixture is slathered on hearty sandwich bread and griddled. The result boasts punchy alliums and briny pickled peppers and absolutely oozes with molten American cheese. (Pro tip: Get American cheese sliced fresh from the deli counter if you can; otherwise, avoid anything labeled “imitation” or “singles.”) It’s a crispy, delicious sandwich that feels intentional and thought out—almost like you bought too big of a bird for this very reason.

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