December 7, 2023


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Matcha Swirl Spritz Cookies Recipe

1 min read

These adorable bite-size Grinch-colored cookies make the case for gifting yourself a cookie press this year. The tool, if you’ve never seen one, is reminiscent of a Play-Doh extruder, with a tube for stuffing with dough and a few different shaped discs for sliding in at the end. Stamping out intricate, identical treats couldn’t be easier. I love using the wreath shape for the holiday season, and dye my dough a verdant hue using ceremonial grade matcha (other styles of matcha will work as well, but may need an assist from a drop or two of food coloring). Matcha’s delicate, grassy flavor plays so nicely with all the butter and vanilla in the dough, making the final cookies taste a bit like a matcha latte.

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