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The Grocery Girl Gift Guide

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2023 was the year of the Grocery Girl—every month there seemed to be a new food-based aesthetic to embrace, from tomatoes in the summer to warm bowls of pasta in the fall. One doesn’t have to be a girl at all to be a strawberry girl or to enjoy girl dinner: it’s a state of mind. Plus, gift-giving suddenly becomes so much easier once you know someone has made charcuterie or olives their whole personality. While some the most viral pieces are either sold out or only available in Canada (naturally), these gifts are just as covetable for the tomato, pasta, berry, or charcuterie girl in your life.

A Candle That Smells Like (Tomato Girl) Summer

While Loewe’s $110 tomato candle might have stolen the online spotlight, it’s not your only way to give the smell of the summer to the tomato girl in your life (although it would make an excellent splurge). This tomato tarragon candle from Apotheke has a garden fresh scent with notes of orange zest to keep their kitchen smelling a summer trip to the farmer’s market all year long.

A Garden-Fresh Cocotte

If there’s anything you need to know about Tomato Girls, it’s that they will never turn down an opportunity to showcase their favorite red fruit. This enameled cast iron cocotte from Staub is shaped like a ripe heirloom tomato, and has a stem for its lid handle, so it’s sure to be the perfect vehicle for serving show-stopping pastas and sides for years to come.

Staub Enameled Cast Iron Tomato Cocotte

Staub Ceramic Stoneware Petite Tomato Cocotte

A Fairytale Tomato Pitcher

Tomato Girls tend to be really into hosting, so give them this stunning tomato pitcher that’ll make guests more excited to hydrate or pour themselves a batched cocktail. You can also pair this gift with Bordallo Pinheiro’s beautiful pizza plates to incentivize them to throw an at-home pizza night.

Bordallo Pinheiro Tomato Pitcher

An Upgraded Tomato Knife

A great tomato knife is the perfect gift for someone who already has all the tomato-shaped trinkets they could possibly ask for. This one is actually a bread knife, but the long edge and wavy edges are perfect for slicing up large, beefy tomatoes that their paring knife can’t handle, plus it also works to lop off some sourdough slices to make an easy (and satisfying) tomato sandwich.

Mercer Culinary Bread Knife

A Too-Cute-To-Burn Pasta Candle

As you’ve probably figured out by now, so much of finding a gift for a grocery girl involves finding something inedible that looks like their favorite edible thing. Exhibit A: This candle from Big Night that comes in two shapes: farfalle and fusilli. The candle has notes of jasmine and orange blossom, but we won’t blame you if you want to keep this unlit and on display next to your cookbook collection. If you want a candle that smells like pasta, we also like this one that has notes of saline and semolina.

A Pasta Membership To Widen Their Pasta Horizons

If you’re at a loss for what to give the pasta girl who already has a stacked arsenal of pasta tools and plates, you can always give them the gift of discovering new pasta shapes and recipes. Sfogolini’s pasta memberships come with multiple shipments of their core semolina pastas, limited edition drops, and unique shapes and flavors, plus recipes from Sfogolini chefs for them to try out. A half-year subscription gets your pasta-lover 12 boxes total spread out over two shipments, which means they’ll be well-prepared for any last-minute pasta dinner emergencies.

A Nostalgic Pasta Accessory

The pasta girl in your life might daydream of brown butter sauces and complex semolina to water ratios, but their love of pasta probably started with a humble bowl of mac and cheese or buttered noodles. Give them these farfalle earrings as an homage to their favorite weeknight dinner.

Farfalle Pasta Stud Earrings

A Pair of Cherry-Picked Earrings

These statement earrings look almost good enough to eat (but please don’t, obviously). The fun design of the posts thread into the lightweight cherries for a show-stopping accessory perfect for a night out or setting out a freshly baked cherry tart during a dinner party.

ONEYIM 3D Red Cherry Drop Earrings

A Go-To Farmer’s Market Tote (With Strawberries, Of Course)

If there’s one thing grocery girls love, it’s making a trip to their local farmer’s market or specialty grocery store. Get them a reusable bag with a much-coveted strawberry pattern, that has plenty of room to haul their favorite produce, several boxes of fancy tinned fish, and a baguette back home. For grocery girls on-the-go, this bag also folds into a compact square that can be tossed into any backpack or tote bag.

A Blueberry-Themed Addition To Their Ornament Collection

The venn diagram of people who full send a fruit-based aesthetic and people who enjoy adorable felted ornaments is pretty much a circle, so you can’t go wrong with gifting this adorable basket of berries. The soft felt texture is not only cute, but it also makes this gift extra durable if your loved one’s ornaments tend to get knocked around by pets or small children.

Craftspring Blueberry Basket Holiday Ornament

A Swedish Dishcloth For the Eco-Conscious Strawberry Girl

If your loved one’s kitchen is already swathed in pink tones, they probably don’t need another pink apron or ladle. However, they probably do need an aesthetic way to keep their kitchen tidy and clean. These reusable dishcloths are great for quickly cleaning up the small messes like coffee spills or oil splatters, and have a fun strawberry pattern that’ll easily integrate with any existing fruit-centric theme.

Now Designs Swedish Sponge Reusable Dishcloth

Baskets For Every Type of Berry Girl

This set of berry bowls comes in a wide variety of colors, so you can tailor them to the mood board your loved one probably has saved on Pinterest. We like this bright set of stoneware baskets in blue, yellow, green, and red, which can be used to organize and store all types of fruit after they’ve been washed.

First of a Kind Stoneware Berry Baskets, Set of 4

The Perfect Slice of Cheese (Candle)

This cheese candle would make the perfect stocking stuffer for the person in your life who unironically calls a curated charcuterie spread “girl dinner” or “adult lunchables.” The candle is as delightful as it is impractical (the hallmark of a perfect grocery girl gift), and you can even wrap it in paper to look as if you picked it up from your favorite cheesemonger.

This Candle Is Lit Cheese Shaped Candle

A Much-Hyped Bread Lamp

Looking for a show-stopping gift that speaks to your loved one’s adoration of baked goods? Go ahead and stop your search here. Pampshade’s handcrafted lamps are made from real bread coated in a hard resin and can be hung on the wall or laid out to cast a warm glow. This gift also presents you with the opportunity to say things like, “dim the bread light, would you,” which is truly priceless.

A Throw Pillow Garnish

Whether your loved one thinks a handful of olives are a decent substitute for dinner or just likes an ice-cold dirty martini, they’ll love this fleece olive throw pillow. Consider it a garnish to their perfectly curated couch spread.

An Olive Baby Tee

A Grocery Girl proudly wears their love for food on their sleeve. Lisa Says Gah understands this intimately, with pieces that showcase everything you’d want to eat on a balcony in Tuscany in fun painted prints. This Olive baby tee goes with just about any outfit, and represents their go-to salty snack piled into a cute blue bowl.

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