December 7, 2023


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Upside-Down Cornbread Recipe | Bon Appétit

1 min read

This cheesy, tender-crumbed cornbread turns a side dish staple into a total showstopper. For many, cornbread is a tradition of itself, so when developing this recipe, I wanted to make something that felt true to its roots—but reimagined with bolder flavors. I start with a layer of corn and caramel, which helps emphasize the sweetness of the cornbread. Adding cheddar cheese to the batter balances the topping with a salty, savory richness, and the hot honey butter (literally the icing on top) lifts both. Don’t be afraid of flipping the bread—I promise you can do it, and the payoff of seeing the sweet layer of caramelly corn on top is totally worth it.

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