December 7, 2023


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Washington, DC’s Michelin-Starred Restaurants to Be Announced Today

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The nation’s capital is about to get a new slate of Michelin-starred restaurants. For the first time, DC’s Michelin ceremony is not actually happening in the district. Restaurateurs will migrate northward this evening for the city’s annual guide ceremony, taking place in New York City. In a first-of-its-kind triple ceremony, Michelin will announce updated guides for DC, New York, and Chicago at a single ceremony.

Ahead of tonight’s event, DC has only three two-starred restaurants (all of which Michelin categorizes as “contemporary,” including José Andrés’ minibar) and no three-starred restaurants. Last year, four restaurants joined DC’s guide, all in the one-star tier: Albi, a Levantine spot in Navy Yard; Oyster Oyster, serving up a plant-based tasting menu near Logan Circle; Georgetown’s contemporary Reverie, which is currently closed due to a fire that broke out in the space last year; and Imperfecto, blending Latin American and Mediterranean cuisine.

Two spots this year—Mexican restaurant La Tejana and Levantine cafe Yellow (also helmed by Albi’s chef Michael Rafidi)—snagged a Bib, an award that’s intended to recognize restaurants more accessible to diners than those in the main starred guide. In North America, a meal at a Bib Gourmand restaurant must cost no more than $49 for a starter, main, and dessert—not including drinks. Bibs also tend to represent a more diverse range of cuisines than the main guide, which often favors French, Japanese, and Korean cooking. DC is currently home to 35 Bib Gourmand restaurants.

Check back tonight for a full list of DC’s latest Michelin-starred restaurants.

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