December 7, 2023


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We Put Material’s New Anti-Slip Cutting Board to the Test

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  • Limited color selection
  • Lack of a well around the perimeter of the board = liquid everywhere when cutting juicier ingredients, like steaks and watermelon
  • Concern about longevity of the silicone grippers (more below)

Testing the old board versus the new one

Material was already onto something when it debuted its first cutting board. The combination of recycled plastic and sugarcane fibers, attractive design, and functionality (it’s dishwasher-safe and solid enough to resist deep grooves from knives) made it a kitchen darling from the jump (we praised it as one of the best plastic cutting boards on the market). Although the board is intentionally textured to prevent slippage, cutting ingredients that require greater force, like pineapple or a thick slab of pork belly, made its slipperiness much more noticeable. I have marble countertops, which are known for being extra perilous, and this was evident when using the original reBoard.

The grippy reBoard fared much better. I could saw and hack and dice practically anything—ultrathin shallots, a crusty rib-eye steak, juicy heirloom tomatoes—and the cutting board remained glued in place. This is all thanks to silicone grippers, which are wrapped around each corner of the board. The grippers act almost like an adhesive; they’re not sticky per se, but they hold the board steady when chopping and require a lot of force to move the board laterally.

I like how light and easy it is to toss the board in the sink or dishwasher after use. Greasy beef fat and sticky fruit remains scrubbed off with ease, leaving no lingering scent or trace.

Slight concerns about the silicone grippers

Initially, I thought the silicon grippers were glued on and had hesitancy about scrubbing the corners too hard for fear they’ll detach. In actuality, they are molded to fit the corners and can pop in and out as needed, like a puzzle piece. Note: It takes quite a bit of finger strength to remove them.

That being said, my concern is that the heat from a dishwasher can eventually warp the plastic and make the grippers obsolete if it can’t lay flush against countertops. That, and if the grippers also transform in the wash, they may not fit so snuggly into their places—or could even pop off and get lost. However, I don’t currently have a dishwasher, so that’s a worry for another day (or shopper).

Where the new board can improve

As much as I like the grippy board, it can’t replace every cutting board I own. For starters, the lack of a well means that drippier items, like melons, tomatoes, or a whole roasted chicken, will leave a leaky residue on countertops. Material has a wooden board, the Angled board, that will fare better in such scenarios.

Additionally, the cutting boards only come in two shades as of now: a muted purple called Taffy and the true blue Lapis. Part of what makes the original Material boards so fun is finding the perfect shade to match your kitchen. I currently own the Lapis, which does not go with the pink theme of my kitchen, but its effectiveness as a cutting board definitely rules over its inability to blend in. This just means I’ll have to store it in a drawer rather than hang it up to display—but knowing Material’s affinity for fun, I’m sure new colors will be released in the future.

The verdict

In the end, I do feel like the grippy reBoard is near perfect—and definitely worth the extra $5.

Material (grippy) reBoard

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